Do you get nervous at the dentist?


We offer various levels of sedation to help relax you while receiving your dental treatment.   We want you to be as comfortable as possible in our dental office.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is an effective method of light sedation where the patient wears a small little mask over the nose and inhales the nitrous oxide gas.  This gas is commonly referred to as laughing gas.  The feeling it gives is equivalent to drinking a couple of glasses of wine - enough to take the edge off and relax you.  The great thing is that it is reversible very quickly, so you can drive yourself to the appointment.  It is also very safe for children.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is an effective way to relax oneself at the dental office, but it does require the patient to have a driver who can bring them to and take them from the dental office.


The process involves the patient being prescribed some medication to take the night before and one hour before the dental appointment.  The medication relaxes the patient to a point equivalent to being drunk - you still can answer questions and follow directions but you are pretty relaxed.  When combined with the nitrous oxide, the patient falls into an even more relaxed state and often will not remember too many details about the appointment.


During oral sedation, we carefully monitor the patient's vitals (pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, etc.) to make sure the patient is safe.  All members of the team are trained in CPR and have experience dealing with sedation administration.