Insurance in dentistry works a bit different than in the medical realm.  


Dental insurance acts more like a gift card.  It usually has a set annual maximum ($1000, $1500, etc.) that the insurance company will pay.  After that, the patient is responsible for any other charges.  


Dental insurance also only pays a percentage of the treatment fee.  For example, while a cleaning might be covered at 100%, a filling may only be covered at 80%, while a crown may be covered at 50%. Sometimes there is a deductible as well - anywhere from $25 to $50 and beyond.


We understand that nowadays, folks rely on insurance to help with the cost of their treatment, which is why we accept nearly every insurance.  We will file your claim for you.


We keep fees affordable, so even if we are not a "preferred provider" for your specific plan, our fees are still competitive and may be lower than an "in-network" provider.


We also provide payment plans through CareCredit.


Please give us a call today at (903) 885-3031, and we will help you determine your insurance benefits!